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      Frequently Asked Questions

What is CIV Tactical?

CIV Tactical is owned and operated by Dustin Hamann, a trained gunsmith with several certifications from the NRA Gunsmithing School. CIV Tactical offers a variety of gunsmithing services to include barrel crowning, gas port resizing, cerakoting and more. Please email or call us for more details.

What makes a CIV Tactical AR-15 upper unique?

Every CIVTAC upper is assembled by a professional gunsmith and are built to meet and exceed factory duty specifications. To achieve the highest levels of performance and reliability each CIV TAC upper assembly is built according to the following criteria:

The upper receiver face is professionally lapped using custom tooling and an industrial gunsmithing lathe. This trues up the receiver face allowing it to mate seamlessly with the barrel and maximizes its accuracy potential. The barrels are match gauge headspaced to the exact thousandth of an inch. The gas port diameters are precisely measured allowing the proper volume of gas to enter the system and eliminate over and undergassing. The chambers are mirror polished for reliable extraction and the feed ramps are checked to ensure consistent feeding. The barrels are dimpled for precise gas block alignment and structural support. These gunsmithing services are standard on all complete CIV Tactical AR-15 upper receiver assemblies.

For orders including a complete CIV TAC Bolt Carrier Group (BCG), the bolt carrier groups are individually hand assembled, fitted with a complete Mil-Spec bolt and inspected for duty use. The gas key is tightened and staked to Mil-Spec requirements. Each BCG is checked for proper extractor cam out, extractor hook's positive engagement angle, firing pin protrusion length, correct plunger ejector and gas rings installation and function. While often overlooked in mass production products, these steps are crucial to the consistent operation and long term reliability of any AR-15.

CIV Tactical Custom AR-15 Upper 1-Year Limited Warranty

All complete CIV Tactical Custom AR-15 upper receiver assemblies are warranted to be free from defective materials and workmanship for 1-Year from date of delivery. CIV Tactical's obligation under this warranty shall be limited to (1) repairing or (2) replacing any product upon inspection at CIV Tactical and, based on its discretion, is found to defective in material or in workmanship. This warranty is limited and does not extend to: careless or unsafe handling, abuse, misuse, unauthorized adjustments or modifications, use of improper ammunition, excessive or unreasonable use, ordinary wear & tear, rust or corrosion, and barrel obstruction. Repairs are warranted for the duration of the original warranty and applies only to factory built products. If you have questions or concerns please feel free to call (510) 637-8650. We will be glad to help you over the phone with any concerns you might have.

What materials are used for CIV Tactical barrels?

CIV Tactical barrels are offered in either 4150 Chromoly or 416 Stainless Steel unturned Shilen barrel blanks. Our 4150 Chromoly barrels are parkerized to minimize surface corrosion and increase resistance to wear. We offer our Chromoly barrels with and without chrome lining. Our Stainless Steel barrels are machine finished to enhance the character of each barrel. We also offer a variety of barrel profiles, including M4 Government Profile, Straight and Spiral Fluting. Contact us for more details via email

Are CIV Tactical barrels available chrome lined?

Yes! Just check the Option: Chrome Lined to add a chrome lined barrel to your order. We do not offer chrome lining on our stainless steel barrels since it limits the barrel's accuracy. If you don't see the option please add it to your notes or email

Can I shoot steel case ammo (Wolf, WPA, Tula, etc) out of my CIV TAC upper?

We do not recommend using steel case ammo. Steel is not as elastic as brass and as a result does not create the best seal to contain the extreme chamber pressure. This often leads to faster throat erosion, extractor wear and creates excess carbon fouling which will lead to malfunctions and decreased reliability if not properly cleaned and maintained. Prolonged use of low quality ammo will cause excess wear and damage internal components requiring more frequent maintenance and parts replacement. Shooting steel case ammo will void all warranties on CIV Tactical uppers. For more information on steel case / bi-metal ammo check out the testing done by LuckyGunner Labs and USPSA.

Can I shoot bi-metal jacketed bullets (Wolf, Tula, Brown Bear, etc) out of my CIV TAC upper?

We do not recommend shooting bi-metal jacketed bullets out of any barrel. Especially if you want to maximize the life of the barrel, maintain a higher degree of accuracy and a large round count. Bi-metal jacketed bullets are jacketed in steel and have a very thin surface coat of copper (<30┬Ám) applied over it. This extremely thin layer of copper is not thick enough to protect the lands in the barrel from contacting the steel jacket underneath. Prolonged use of bi-metal jacketed bullets will rapidly erode a barrel's rifling, quickly turning a quality rifled barrel into a very inaccurate smooth bore barrel. This will result in a major loss of accuracy (including rounds keyholing) and dramatically shorten the life of that barrel. Shooting bi-metal jacketed bullets will void all warranties on CIV Tactical uppers. For more information on steel case / bi-metal ammo check out the testing done by LuckyGunner Labs and USPSA.

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